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Purchase of a hot tub, jacuzzi at an affordable price


A hot tub is an excellent investment that will give you quality wellness and many warm moments with family and friends. In this article, we’ll tell you how to choose your perfect hot tub, what nuances to look out for, how much a hot tub costs, and what else is essential.

What are jacuzzi

Jacuzzis are overflow and skimmer. Overflow hot tubs are predominantly premium hot tubs that are often used in spas. Their distinguishing feature is that a compensatory tank is installed in their body – this is an additional tank where water flows overflowing through the grate. Once in the tank, the water undergoes secondary filtration and ozonation and then returns to the pool without leaving the sewer. That is, water circulates within a closed system.

Skimmers are standard whirlpools. The water filling the jacuzzi is purified by a mechanical filter and ozonated. Also, at the client’s request, we can add ultraviolet filtration. If you are planning to buy a hot tub for three people, this is the best option, as this spa type is ideal for small companies. Similarly, if you want to buy a jacuzzi for four people. The water may overflow or go into the skimmer and further into the sewer if there are too many people in the jacuzzi,. If the water splashed, you just need to get the required amount of water.

For commercial centers, our clients often choose an overflow jacuzzi. Models of this type can accommodate 5-6 visitors and some up to 15 people. Overflow jacuzzis also make it possible to save water by purifying and circulating it within the hot tub system. If you are planning to buy a jacuzzi for home, then both options are suitable for you – a skimmer and an overflow pool. The choice will depend on your wishes and budget.

How to choose a jacuzzi

You should select a jacuzzi, considering several criteria. The first is the dimensions of the room or niche where the spa pool will be installed. If we are talking about free space, for example, a terrace or a lawn, we can immediately move on to the next important factor – what kind of massage do you expect? Standard relaxing massage, professional or maybe air massage?

Each hot tub is equipped with a certain number of jets – this affects the type of massage it can provide and the cost of the hot tub. Accordingly, the more nozzles, the larger and more powerful the pumps should be, which also affects the price.

Another important criterion you should pay attention to when choosing a jacuzzi is the configuration of reclining and sitting places. Depending on the client’s wishes, it can be all seats, or two lounge seats and three regular seats.

It is more common for commercial spas to choose a maximum capacity hot tub – this assumes that all seats will be seated. At the same time, families usually opt for a jacuzzi where they can sit and lie down to maximize the beneficial effects of professional hydromassage.

This is extremely important to consider because, in the sitting place, the person receives a massage of the entire back, including such areas as the spine, lower back, neck, cervical vertebrae, and shoulders. In the case of lounge places, the massage goes from the cervical vertebrae along the entire body, including the shins, legs, and feet. Therefore, when choosing a hot tub, be sure also to consider what kind of hydromassage effect you want to get.

In our catalog, you will always find jacuzzi models that satisfy any request – both for the average budget and the premium segment. All whirlpools are supplied with a cover and steps (if they are supposed to be in the kit) and do not require any additions – linings and other details.

If you have the time and opportunity to wait to receive an individual project, a custom order is exactly what you need. A custom project means that you can choose and modify literally any detail of the spa pool: the color of the acrylic bowl from Aristec Acrylux, the style, design, and body color, including the outer skin. It is also possible to choose the appropriate functional elements: the number of nozzles, the control point (standard push-button or touch screen), Wi-Fi, air massage compressor, and others.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and we are ready to bring your dream project to life. All you need is a clear understanding of the desired hot tub and a little patience, and Spa Planet specialists will take care of the rest!

How much does it cost to install a jacuzzi?

Installing a spa pool requires almost no additional intervention. For our part, we will provide you with technical specifications for installing a spa pool. You only need to prepare a place for installing a jacuzzi in advance – connect electricity, sewerage, and water to it, and then call a professional plumber and electrician who will connect the jacuzzi. Also, if possible, we recommend supplying hot water as well – this will reduce the time it takes to prepare the hot tub for use. You do not have to wait until the heating element warms up the water, which is especially attractive in winter operations.

For connecting all communications, you can contact our specialists who will go to the place and connect the spa pool in just an hour. The cost is calculated individually, depending on the class and type of the object, the installation location, and whether it is a private or commercial complex.

Why aqua massage is useful

High-quality and professional hydromassage is akin to massage from the hands of a qualified massage therapist. If we are talking about the lounge places of the spa pool, then the number and location of the jets on them ensure the massage of all muscle groups. This, together with the proper power regulation, ensures the effectiveness of the hydromassage in the spa pool.

Thanks to the switching elements, we can adjust the quality, strength, and power of the massage at any hydromassage point. Accordingly, a person who understands how to regulate this can independently provide high-quality professional massage and complete muscle relaxation.

At the same time, spa pools are truly versatile in use. In case you are planning to rest with children, then you can set an easy water supply mode, allowing you to comfortably relax even with small children without worrying about their safety.

Why hot tubs are good for your health

The jacuzzi is your place of relaxation and recovery. The whirlpool bath’s relaxing and soothing effect helps cope with stress and insomnia, relieves nervous tension; has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on venous varicose veins and vascular fragility.

Soft jets of water effectively relieve muscle tension, which helps to speed up recovery from fractures and muscle ruptures, helping to restore the full functioning of the joints of the musculoskeletal system. And in combination with proper nutrition and sports, spa pools also help fight against excess weight and cellulite. The skin becomes more elastic and toned.

We also note that professional athletes, basketball players, and runners hold spa pools in high esteem because this is a great way to rehabilitate and relax muscles after heavy loads.

Where to buy a jacuzzi

You can buy a jacuzzi on the Spa Planet website. Choose a suitable model from the catalog, leave a request, and our managers will contact you shortly to answer all your questions, and tell you about the price and waiting time for the order.

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