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Meredit Meredit

Meredit is a mystery, an enigma. It’s a place that knows how to keep secrets. The place is perfect for sharing your secrets and for getting your silent approval and support. This place maximally disposes on to think and to have a rest by soul. Just look at these ergonomically shaped lounges, made according to the models of the German institute.

A chocolate coloured mosaic tile, with a magical onyx hug around the perimeter and backlighting.

We know how to heal the soul.

Salima Salima

Do you like natural things? Be closer to the forces of nature? Salima is expensive, beautiful, not pretentious. The walls, benches, floor are made of marble. The floor is decorated with Ice grey marble. On the benches installed marble Statuario. The pano is hand made of Statuario marble. The bottom of the benches is lined with mosaic Vidrepur.

Leila Leila

Warm, cozy and so homely – Leila. The entire design is in chocolate and milk colors. Benches, kurna and massage table – chebek for Turkish soap massage, decorated with Bronze Amani marble.

Castle Castle

In fact, a royal hamam. Pay attention to the details that add grandeur to this masterpiece.

The Italian marble CERRAD CALACATTA was used in the work. Mosaic tiles from the Spanish manufacturer Vidrepur. The pano is handmade.

Blue eyes Blue eyes

“Blue eyes” is a new life!

An inimitable depth of soul, as you look into the eyes of your child and see – love, sincerity, purity and a long beautiful way of life.

This is the exact right place in your home, where you close your eyes to let go of all the old and breathe new, bright…the energy of Life.

  1. handmade murals
  2. starry sky
Manhattan Light Manhattan Light

Medium size Premium Hamam with special window installation. Mosaics by Vidrepur (Spain).

More about

What does a hammam consist of?

Hammam is an exotic bath that came to us from Eastern countries. Hammans are distinguished by the climatic regime, materials used for decoration, and steaming ritual.

The main difference with the Turkish hammam is the maximum humidity – 80-100%. For comparison, the humidity in the Russian bath on firewood is 20-65%, in the sauna – only 5-10%. The temperature in such conditions feels much stronger than in dry space. Therefore, in hammams, it is maintained at 45-60°C.

This microclimate is useful and pleasant for humans, but it does not have a stressful effect on the body.

The temperature in the hammams is maintained by heating systems built into the floor, walls, and benches. Humidity in the Turkish hammam creates a special device – steam generator. It is located outside the bath and transmits the steam produced by the pipes inside the steam room.

Natural stone, marble, mosaic, and ceramics are materials that are commonly used in the decoration of hammams.

Thick slabs of natural stone are traditionally used as the material of benches on which lie or sit hammam visitors. They smoothly and evenly transfer heat, acting as an intermediary between the human body and the heating system under them. Other surfaces of modern oriental pairs are decorated with mosaics.

Building a hammam is easier than it seems. At Spa Planet you can order a turnkey hammam project. Our specialists will help you at all stages of your idea – from design to installation of hammam and will advise you what else is needed for a Turkish steam room.

After the execution of the contract, the customer receives a technical task from us. It lists in detail the requirements for the premises and non-specialized work that must be performed before the arrival of our team. This document clearly states the preparatory work that should be carried out at the first stage.

A personal hammam is an investment in the health and longevity of you and your family. Leave a request and our specialists will answer all your questions regarding the construction of a Turkish bath.


Turnkey construction of hammams

Create from scratch ready to use hammam. On average, turnkey construction takes 3-4 weeks

Construction of hammam structures

Spa Planet deals with all stages of building hammams, including the creation of their designs, so you do not need to worry about it.

3D visualization

Our specialists develop a detailed 3D visualization of the project, so before you start work you can see what your hammam will look like.

Spa Planet

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Spa Planet has more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction of SPA centers.

Turnkey projects

You can entrust our specialists with the entire cycle of construction of your wellness project – from planning to launching.

Projects of any complexity

We can help you with any type of work – from private to large-scale commercial projects.

Customers all around the world

We have built hundreds of spa facilities in Ukraine and created dozens of private projects for foreign customers from Switzerland, Cyprus, and the United States (New York).

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    1. Slabs of natural stone
    Traditionally, for the surfaces on which the hammam visitor lies or sits, thick slabs of natural stone are used, which smoothly and evenly transfer heat from heating systems to humans.

    2. Kurna
    A special sink that mixes hot and cold water from taps above it. Water is scooped up with copper bowls and poured to invigorate or cleanse the skin surface.

    3. Dome
    In real Turkish baths, the ceiling is made in the form of a spherical dome. This allows the steam to circulate properly and protects visitors from condensation.

    4. Glass doors
    Tempered hamams use doors made of tempered glass in an aluminum frame. They are perfectly adapted to conditions of high humidity.

    5. Thermal insulation panels
    During the construction of the hammam, its walls are lined with special panels that do not allow moisture and retain heat inside the hammam.

    6. Steam generator
    Device that creates moisture inside the Turkish bath. In the heating tank, inside the steam generator, the water is brought to a boil and steam under pressure is supplied to the outside. Located outside the bath, in a dry room.

    7. Steam pipe
    A system of reinforced plastic pipes, which steam comes from the steam generator to the hammam.

    8. Nozzles
    Devices that terminate the steam pipe inside the bath (steam outlet). Allows you to adjust the direction of steam and flavor the air.

    9. Heating pipes
    The surfaces of a real hammam should be warm. To do this, heating systems are built into the floor, walls and base of the benches. They can be water or electric.

    10. Boiler and pump (in case of water heating)
    Devices that give autonomy to the water heating of the bath. Electric boiler and pump provide water circulation through a system of pipes. Special regulators allow you to set a separate temperature for different surfaces.