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Construction of swimming pools

Spa Planet has more than 25 years of experience in the design, sales, construction, and maintenance of swimming pools,  saunas, jacuzzis, and spa centers. We guarantee the highest quality of all types of projects for any purpose: private, public, sports, health, spa centers, and water parks. Highly qualified specialists of our company will embody all your ideas and plans in a well-thought-out project and then implement it.

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Why should you build a turnkey pool with Spa Planet?


Full range of services and equipment

Spa Planet's range of services allows us to meet all customer needs – from visualization to a fully equipped facility with high-tech equipment: automatic control stations, water recirculation, filtration systems, chlorine-free water treatment devices, water attractions, lighting, and heating systems.


Advanced technologies, innovations, and environmental friendliness

Spa Planet offers state-of-the-art products that make pool operation simple, enjoyable, environmentally friendly, and more energy-efficient than ever before. Among our partners are the most famous European and American equipment brands.


The shortest construction time

A wide range of services, experienced specialists, and well-established production processes allow us to implement even the most complex projects quickly and efficiently. More than 25 years of experience in the design and construction of turnkey pools – is the key to a successful implementation of any of your ideas!


The best price

We prioritize and satisfy all the requests and wishes of our customers, considering the terms, budget, and optimal technological solutions. Spa Planet is the exclusive distributor of world-famous brands of technological equipment, so we offer the best price and quality. Moreover, our regular customers receive discounts, so the cost of a pool will be optimal.


Quality and guarantee for all types of work

We are focused on perfect service and impeccable execution of works, according to building regulations. Hence, we provide guarantees for all types of work. The main principle of our work with clients is an individual approach. Spa Planet specialists are ready to fulfill a project of any complexity, considering all the client's wishes. We will implement it with decent quality and on time.


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    We offer pools construction of the following types:

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      Construction of concrete pools

      Concrete bowls are the most popular and most common type of construction for sports facilities. Concrete bowls are the strongest, most durable, reliable, and will last you for many years. This model of pools allows you to embody any non-standard ideas and let your imagination run wild: any shape of the bowl, depth, a wide range of finishing options, and a variety of technological and additional equipment. Rich imagination, well-thought-out projects, and professional implementation will allow you to get the result you dreamed of.
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      Turnkey-ready pools

      Modern technology has opened up a revolutionary approach to the construction of swimming pools. That is why you can buy a ready-made spa pool and save on installation and construction work while obtaining a high-quality product. The ready spa pool with a countercurrent can be easily mounted or dismantled in any place, thus the pool is not dimensional – its design doesn't take up much space. This kind of pool can be additionally equipped with a jacuzzi. This innovation is well established, both in the professional sports environment like a swimming simulator, and in private or commercial purposes due to its utility and versatility. Beautiful and compact, very easy to operate, has already gained recognition and popularity around the world.
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      Pools with a concrete bowl

      Turnkey concrete pools have a number of advantages over other types of bowls. They can have any shape, area, and depth. This is the best option for the implementation of the most interesting ideas of the designer. One more important advantage is durability. With proper operation and the exclusion of extreme loads, the service life of such pools is quite long. Constructions of this type can be equipped with any water purification systems and various equipment that can be used for health treatments or entertainment events.

    Pool installation

    How to evaluate the quality of pool water treatment systems? It depends on two factors – the quality of the installed equipment and the quality of installation work that has been done.

    Installation works consist of the following stages:

    • preparation of the pit, external waterproofing, and thermal insulation;
    • creation of the pool bowl;
    • choice of facing material;
    • installation of embedded elements in the bowl of the pool;
    • installation of technological equipment and pipeline;
    • installation of electricity;
    • commissioning of equipment.

    Spa Planet specialists guarantee the quality and compliance with the terms and technologies of installation work, as well as quality control of construction at all stages. In the end, you will get a ready-to-use pool in accordance with the working and estimate documentation. The customer gets a set of pool documentation upon completion of the work. Besides it, our team will teach your staff or you on how to look after the pool properly.

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    Which pool to choose: overflow or skimmer?

    If you plan to build a turnkey stationary pool, you should determine not only its location, size, bowl, finish, but also the type of hydraulic structure. This is one of the first questions that the specialists of the organization will ask you to develop project documentation and conclude a contract for the construction of the pool.

    So let’s figure out the difference between a skimmer pool and an overflow pool. The main difference is the different principles of operation of the water intake system.

    That’s how it works in details:

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    Overflow (stationary)

    The overflow is a stationary pool in which the water surface is on the same level as the edge of the bowl. The surface layer of water first enters the gutter situated along the perimeter of the pool.

    Then the water enters the storage (compensation) tank, and then with the help of a pump, it passes through a system of filtration and chemical treatment. The water heats and re-enters the pool.

    The water is fed back through the nozzles, which are evenly spaced at the bottom of the bowl. To cover Turnkey overflow indoor pools are often built-in health resorts, spas, sports, and commercial purposes.

    The advantages of these kinds of pools include:

    • very attractive appearance;
    • high efficiency of water purification;
    • the walls of the bowl rarely need cleaning;
    • low consumption of substances for chemical treatment.
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    Skimmer type

    As for skimmer pools, in such constructions, the water surface is below the upper edge of the bowl by 10-20 cm. The surface layer of water, which gets dirty faster, is taken to the filter unit with a special device – a skimmer.

    Thus, about 2/3 of the volume of water is purified. The rest of the water is filtered through a bottom drain, then heated, disinfected and fed back to the bowl through the nozzles in its walls. Skimmer pools are the most common type of construction for private projects and a turnkey pool.

    The main advantages of skimmer pools:

    • the simplicity of construction and water purification;
    • the price that’s lower than overflow pools;
    • there are no strict requirements for the placement of equipment;
    • convenience and ease of operation.

    Disadvantages include the risk of stagnation and the fact that the water level is below the board, so the walls of the reservoir need cleaning quite often.


    Get a calculation of the cost of your pool today!

      The shape and size of the pool
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      Length x width:
      Technology (water sampling)
      Underwater lanterns:
      Basic equipment:
      Bowl (material)
      Basic elements:
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      Pool equipment

      For proper functioning, the pool should be provided with equipment and technical systems that perform the functions of circulation, filtration, and maintenance of clean water for a long time.

      For the correct selection of equipment it is necessary to determine some basic parameters:

      • Purpose of the pool (sports, public, private, children’s);
      • Length, width, and average depth of the pool;
      • Overflow or skimmer water circulation system;
      • Location of the bowl of the pool inside or outside the room;
      • List of additional equipment and attractions.

      The necessary equipment for swimming pools includes:

      1. Pump-filter group.
      2. Embedded parts of the water treatment system.
      3. Control panels.
      4. Overflow system.
      5. Water heating.
      6. Water disinfection.
      7. Bottom cleaners.
      8. Pool lighting.
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      Pool maintenance

      Timely maintenance of the pool is what determines the health of people who swim in it. Only experts can competently determine necessary dosing of chemical reagents, acidity regulator, assess the condition of the equipment and prevent its failure. That is why the service should be trusted to professionals, so do not hesitate to contact the specialists of Spa Planet and get the best result.

      Pool service includes:

      • diagnostics of filter installation;
      • washing of filters: sand and rough cleaning;
      • inspection of the hydraulic system of the pool;
      • regulation of acid-base balance (Ph) of pool water;
      • cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool with a vacuum kit;
      • diagnostics of water treatment plant automation;
      • cleaning and washing of electrodes of station РН, CL;
      • checking the efficiency of attractions;
      • technical audit of electrical equipment;
      • delivery of ordered chemical reagents.
      Spa Planet

      Main facts about us:

      Spa Planet is an expert in design, construction, and all about SPA services

      We know everything about SPA

      Spa Planet has more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction of SPA centers.

      Turnkey projects

      You can entrust our specialists with the entire cycle of construction of your wellness project – from planning to launching.

      Projects of any complexity

      We can help you with any type of work – from private to large-scale commercial projects.

      Customers all around the world

      We have built hundreds of spa facilities in Ukraine and created dozens of private projects for foreign customers from Switzerland, Cyprus, and the United States (New York).

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        Spa planet

        Spa Planet has over 25 years of experience in the design, sales, construction, and maintenance of swimming pools, baths, saunas, jacuzzis, and spas. We guarantee the highest quality of performance of all types of work and projects of any scale and purpose: private, public, sports, medical and recreational, spa complexes, and water parks. If you are interested in the construction of a hotel swimming pool, we can also help you with this.

        If you are planning the construction of a turnkey stationary pool, you should decide not only on its location, size, and bowl but also on the type of hydraulic structure. The two most common types are the overflow pool and the skimmer pool. Overflow (stationary) are those pools in which the surface of the water is at the same level as the upper edge of the bowl. In the construction of skimmer-type pools, the water surface is 10-20 cm below the upper edge of the bowl. The surface layer of water, which gets dirty faster, is removed into the filtration unit using a special device – a skimmer.

        Highly qualified specialists of our company, using modern technologies, will embody all your ideas and plans in a project thought out to the smallest detail, and then implement it. Our mission is to make pool building as simple and enjoyable as possible for you. Spa Planet specialists perform a full cycle of work on the project implementation – complex construction of pools, installation, and assembly of pools. Thanks to this, you will need to communicate with only one specialist. Hence, you will avoid searching for different contractors by type of work.

        Our many years of experience and professional knowledge allow us to get answers to complex questions that inevitably arise during the construction of the pool. Providing the customer with competent information and expert advice, we find the best solutions for the successful implementation of the project and commissioning of the facility. As a result, you will receive an individual project of your dream pool, and we will create it, in compliance with all your wishes!