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Are you planning to build a Ukrainian or Finnish sauna in a private house or apartment but don’t know where to start? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk in detail about what stages the construction of saunas consists of, what an individual project is, what nuances you should consider and what to expect when creating a sauna of your dreams.

A custom sauna project is easier than you think. First, let’s look at the stages of interaction we have with each client.

Before ordering the construction of a sauna, it’s essential to decide where to place it. In this case, there are two options: building a sauna in a finished room or designing a sauna and a space for it from scratch.

Do you have a ready-made room, or are you thinking about how to build a sauna in the house? Excellent! Therefore you only need to look at the layouts and choose a project option from the catalog on our website or order an individual project made by our specialists. After selecting a project, we discuss the dimensions of the existing premises, after which we proceed to the sauna layout and think it through to the smallest detail.

We will consult and help you determine the dimensions suitable for a particular request if there is no ready-made space. They differ depending on whether the project is private or commercial. Spa Planet specialists will offer you the optimal sizes, layout options, and design. Besides, they will introduce you to the types of wood used for wall cladding and shelves.

By the way, the choice of wood is one of the critical points in constructing a sauna. We use various materials, such as wild linden and linden lining, alder, cedar, veneer panel, abachi, soapstone, jade, and others. These high-quality premium materials will last many years and require no specific care except careful handling.

After selecting the premises, layout, design, and materials, we proceed to the final stage – calculating the estimated cost and concluding an agreement. Then you make an advance payment, and we get to work. That’s all!

Now all the work is behind us, and all you need is a little patience – soon, you will be able to enjoy a quality wellness time with your loved ones in your sauna. The average construction time for a steam room in a finished room is 15-20 days, and the construction of a sauna in a separate room will take 1-2 months.

Now let’s figure out the answers to other popular questions.

How much space does a sauna need?

It all depends on the project’s purpose – a private sauna or a commercial wellness center. We have over 25 years of experience in the construction of saunas, hammams, and other spa facilities, so you can trust our recommendations. We know what dimensions you need to choose depending on the purpose of the hammam or sauna.

As for saunas, the minimum dimensions for comfortable use by men and women are from 2.2 * 2.2 m, and for hammams – from 2 * 2 m. In this case, it is supposed to be used for private purposes by a small number of people.

The dimensions are entirely different for commercial purposes and depend on the customer’s wishes: this size is at least 4 * 4 m for saunas and hammams.

What to choose: Ukrainian or Finnish sauna?

It all depends on your wishes: choose a Finnish sauna if you prefer high temperature and low humidity. Do you like low temperatures and high humidity? Then the Ukrainian sauna is what you need. But what if you want both options? Everything is possible with Spa Planet! You do not have to give up the opportunity to enjoy two options simultaneously.

Using unique technology, our specialists could create a sauna that you can use in two modifications: a Finnish sauna and a Ukrainian sauna, depending on the settings selected on the stove control panel. Its uniqueness also lies in its interior lining, which is suitable for Finnish and Ukrainian saunas. By choosing one design and equipment we recommend, you can use your personal space for relaxation in two modes, depending on your wishes: a Finnish sauna and a Ukrainian sauna.

How much does it cost to build a sauna in a house?

The cost of building a sauna depends on many factors and mainly on the client’s individual preferences. It includes factors such as the floor area, equipment, and materials used.

When considering how much it costs to build a sauna, it is essential to assume that most of the cost of a sauna is the choice of wood from which the benches and interior lining will be made. The second key component of the sauna cost is equipment, particularly stoves. The more versatile the oven is, the more expensive it costs.

Thick frame, wide benches, solid wood, Bastu ventilation – we use the highest quality materials and the most modern technologies to guarantee the project’s durability. Our prices are pretty high, but your result justifies this investment. We guarantee our services and equipment, use only premium quality materials, and our over 25 years of experience in spa construction ensures that we will do the work to perfection.

Our specialists create saunas that serve for decades. Turning to Spa Planet, you can be sure that we have built literally for centuries and guarantee excellent quality. Not only your children but also grandchildren will have a rest in this hammam or sauna!

Why is an individual project important?

An individual project is vital to understanding the client’s wishes completely. When developing a personal sauna project, we thus explain all details of the design: the location of benches, deck chairs, backrests, lamps, and other elements of the sauna. We specify the exact dimensions of the project; therefore, the client can imagine how it will look in the end. Another critical point: based on an individual project, the client will clearly understand the cost of building a sauna, which means he will be able to calculate the budget in advance.

Sauna maintenance and care

Saunas and hammams do not require special care or any specific maintenance. The only important thing is providing good ventilation. Avoiding excess moisture in the room is necessary to prevent wood damage. Our experts will accompany you at all stages of work: from the first contact to further support in case of any questions.

As for the maintenance of hammams, there will also be no difficulties with them. Hammams do not require any specific care. As in the case of wooden saunas, there is only one essential requirement for hammams – good ventilation. However, you don’t have to worry about it – our specialists will provide it during construction.

Where to order the construction of a turnkey hammam or sauna

Now let’s clarify the main question – where to order a sauna for the home? The best solution would be to contact Spa Planet. We are professionals in constructing private and commercial spa facilities, particularly saunas.

Our more than 25 years of experience allow us to implement projects of any complexity. We will do our best to make the construction of the sauna as simple and enjoyable as possible. Everything related to design and construction we undertake. You need to tell us about the sauna of your dream, and we will turn it into reality.

To order the construction of a turnkey sauna, leave a request using the form below. Our experts will contact you shortly and answer all your questions about the construction of a turnkey sauna.

Denis Alexandrovich
Denis Alexandrovich

You will be surprised that the process of building can be enjoyable

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