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How much does it cost to build a swimming pool ?


Are you looking to start a spa business or upgrade an existing spa or hotel? Building a swimming pool can become a new point of attraction for customers, allowing you to take your business to the next level. This article will tell you how to choose the best pool option to solve your business problems and bring your plans to life.

How to choose a spa pool

When choosing a pool for a spa, first of all, you should consider the number of people who will visit it – this is the factor that determines the size of the pool and the type of filtration that will be used in it. The pool water filtration system can be of two kinds – skimmer or overflow. Skimmer filtration is optimal for pools designed for small groups of people, and overflow filtration is suitable for large pools designed to accommodate many people.

Next, you should pay attention to the time of use and operating conditions. Will the pool be used year-round or seasonally? Will it be an indoor or outdoor pool? The answers to these questions determine what your future swimming pool will be like. For example, if the climatic zone involves a significant temperature difference between seasons, then pools covered with PVC film (liner) have performed better – they are more reliable in operation with temperature changes.

What types of pools exist

Pools differ in size and dimensions, filtration systems (skimmer or overflow), and the type and availability of equipment used. Their variety ranges from standard swimming pools with built-in filtration systems to swimming pools with various entertainment elements (countercurrent, waterfalls, and fountains). Among the distinctive characteristics of the swimming pool, we also note the different water care systems, for example, the dosing system or cleaning with ultraviolet light.

Pools also differ in the type of coverage. It can be PVC film (liner), mosaic, standard pool tiles, and other options. There are also bowls made of acrylic and polyurethane – they do not need external finishing, so you will only need to build the bowl in a ready-made seat.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool?

The construction of a pool is an individual and multifaceted process, consisting of many nuances, each affecting the final price. Choosing a swimming pool is akin to choosing a car: you can select the standard equipment or customize the vehicle for yourself, providing it with all the necessary add-ons. If we talk about the estimated cost, the price for building a swimming pool starts from €15,000 and up, depending on the components, filtration systems, finishing materials used, attractions, and other features.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool?

Please note that when you contact Spa Planet, you enlist the support of a reliable team of specialists who will take care of everything. You will not need to look for a contractor for the pool’s construction because we care for it. All you need is to decide what kind of pool you need and order a project of individual swimming pools, entrusting it to us. Our team will take care of the rest.

Why is an individual project important?

An individual project and the construction of a swimming pool are inseparable concepts. It is essential to understand that we build pools according to the special orders of our clients: swimming pools can be individual and commercial, operated in different temperature conditions, and with varying numbers of people. Therefore, you must choose a type of swimming pool and build it based on personal wishes, specific needs, and business goals when building a pool in a hotel or spa center. This process requires an individual project.

If you are thinking about building a pool in a hotel or where to order the construction of a swimming pool for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists for advice, and we will help you find the best solution to suit your needs. Whether designing pools for a spa or building a swimming pool for your home that will become a favorite pastime for the whole family, we can do anything.

Maintenance of the swimming pool

The special maintenance is determined depending on the filtration systems that are in the swimming pool. If these are automatic filtration systems, then only the addition of disinfectant elements is required to maintain cleanliness. If the pool is not equipped with automated systems, then it is necessary to manually control the quality of the water, regularly testing it.

You can order high-quality and specialized pool care products online.

It is important to note that standard products that are sold in stores will not work. The correct selection of care products must be entrusted to a professional. Our experts will help you individually select the appropriate products depending on the type of pool and the needs for use.

Where to order the construction of the swimming pool

If you are looking for a reliable and professional swimming pool construction company, you have already found what you are looking for! You can order an individual project and construction of a swimming pool from our company, Spa Planet. We have been designing and building swimming pools, saunas, hammams, and other spa facilities for 20 years, so you can be sure of our expertise. Please leave a request by filling out the form below, and our managers will promptly contact you to answer all your questions and make the planned object a reality as soon as possible.

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Denis Alexandrovich

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