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How to build a sauna in an apartment, which is better bath or sauna


Many people think building a sauna in an apartment is something beyond fantasy, but it is possible, even in a small apartment. In this article, we will talk about how to create a personal spa facility in your apartment, what you need for this and how much it costs.

Is it possible to build a sauna in an apartment?

We will not languish and immediately answer – yes, it is possible, even in a small room. What do you need for this? Installation of a Finnish sauna is possible without a ladder (a hole where water drains), but it is still better to provide for it. At the same time, for the Ukrainian sauna, the presence of this element is mandatory.

Ventilation is also required, or at least holes where it can be carried out. As for the size and design of the sauna, everything here is very individual and depends on the customer’s wishes, so the room size is not so critical. At the same time, it is essential for the installation that electrical power of 5-6 kW is available. Otherwise, the building will not be possible.

Is it possible to build a sauna in an apartment?

Another variation of the steam room for the home is the hammam. For it, it is imperative to provide a ladder and ventilation. Besides, consider that you will need a place for the steam generator outside the hammam. Unlike the Ukrainian sauna, in which the stove is installed inside, a hammam must provide a room to place the steam generator outside the steam room. You won’t need a lot of space – even a tiny section of the wall 1×1 meter will be enough, where it will be possible to install a steam generator. You must supply this site with electricity and water. A steam generator’s thickness is only 20 cm. You will also need a filter for the steam generator, but you can find out more about this in terms of reference.

For a Ukrainian and a Finnish sauna, a ceiling height of 2 meters is sufficient; for a hammam, more space is required since its design requires a dome. The optimal height is 2.3-2.5 meters. As for the overall dimensions of the hammam room, you don’t have to worry about it. Each hammam is created individually for the client’s specific request and available room size.

It is advisable to bring water into the hammam, as watering cans are placed there to take various procedures. They are obligatory for the hammam but not required in the Ukrainian and Finnish saunas. If you want to order the construction of a sauna in an apartment, it is crucial to have at least an approximate understanding of the desired result. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the examples of projects presented in our catalog.

For our part, we will provide you with a technical task, which explains in detail where you need to supply electricity, water, and ventilation, if necessary, what will be the internal layout of the project, and the placement of benches. After the approval of this project, we get to work.

What is better Ukrainian or Finnish sauna

We can also make an individual engineering project for any sauna – a wooden sauna or a hammam. The next step is visualization. For a hammam project, this is a mandatory component, and for a sauna, this is an additional option. At the client’s request, we can make a 3D visualization of the future wooden sauna.

If there’s not a lot of room, then a small sauna in the apartment is what you need. We can design a small sauna, which includes only seating. The sauna’s stove will be either hinged (electric heater) or located under the bench (hidden installation).

What is better Ukrainian or Finnish sauna

This question is rhetorical. The main difference between a Ukrainian and a Finnish sauna is the humidity level and the steam amount, so the final choice of the type of steam room depends solely on your personal preferences.

Why the sauna is helpful and how to use it correctly

Sauna is a unique spa facility, the healing properties of which are suitable for almost everyone.

Why is a sauna good for health?

  • Improves blood circulation and trains the cardiovascular system
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • It helps to relax muscles after exercise and increases their flexibility.
  • Great for relaxing the mind and body.
  • It gives a feeling of complete renewal and increases the amount of energy.
  • It opens pores and promotes the elimination of toxins through the skin.

Why the sauna is helpful and how to use it correctly

The following substantial question is how to take a Ukrainian or Finnish sauna. We recommend that you adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Take a shower before visiting the sauna.
  • The maximum recommended time in the sauna is 10-15 minutes. Focus on your feelings.
  • After that, cool off in the shower or the pool.
  • Drink 1-2 glasses of water before each run.
  • Make no more than three visits to the sauna; after completing the procedures – take a shower.

How much does it cost to build a sauna in an apartment?

On request “sauna in the apartment price,” you will find a lot of information. However, you should note that the cost of each project is individual and depends on several factors: the type of project, quality, materials used, wood for cladding, stove, lighting, and other components selected for an individual project. And yet, how much does it cost to build a sauna in an apartment? The minimum cost of building a sauna in an apartment with an electric heater starts at $7,000. If you need a sauna in an apartment project, you can entrust this to us – we will implement it, considering all your wishes and the budget.

Where to order a project and construction of a sauna in an apartment

Contact the Spa Planet company specialists to order a sauna project for an apartment. We have been designing and building commercial and private projects of any complexity for over 25 years, so we guarantee you the best quality. Also, you can buy all the necessary components and care products on our website, if required.

Building a sauna in an apartment (or hammam) is an excellent investment in the health and well-being of you and your family members. Your SPA, created by Spa Planet specialists, will delight you for many years and surprise your guests.

Denis Alexandrovich
Denis Alexandrovich

You will be surprised that the process of building can be enjoyable

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