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Construction of turnkey spa centers from project to launch


Building spa centers is multifaceted, but it doesn’t have to be complicated and exhausting. You can avoid difficulties altogether. For this, you need to know what nuances to pay attention to, and choose a reliable contractor. We will clarify all these questions in this article!

Construction of spa centers

Construction of turnkey spa centers from project to launchWhen building a spa center, one of the primary keys to success is a clear understanding of the result you want to achieve and a high-quality contractor selection. You do not need to know everything about how the equipment works and what material is best for wall cladding; a contractor will help you cope with all this in the best possible way. And all you need to do is find a reliable person who knows everything about the construction of spa facilities. And you are already on the right track!

How to choose a contractor for the construction of a spa center

The main point that you should pay attention to when choosing a contractor is experience. Hiring a specialist with experience in construction and the operation of the facilities he is building is essential. Contractors, who operate projects after construction, know what the client may face in the future.

Choosing a contractor covering the entire range of services is crucial – from building a pool to planning the location of equipment in a spa center. This is extremely important because when working with several contractors, one of which is building a bathhouse, another hammam, and a third one is building a pool, inconsistency may arise between them. Consequently, the result of the work is unlikely to be an integral spa center that will function logically and clearly.

Individual design

Designing a spa center is a process in which it is crucial to consider the characteristics and wishes of the client to create an individual project thought out to the smallest detail. This approach guarantees complete mutual understanding between the client and the contractor. The customer’s wishes should be prioritized and adapted based on professional experience and vision.

However, in the end, the customer, not the contractor, will use the spa center. If you choose a typical project and do not consider the customer’s wishes, a customer may feel uncomfortable using the equipment. In addition, the client may remain disappointed with the result.

Discussion of construction dates

Construction of turnkey spa centers from project to launchIt’s fundamental to carry out the construction of the spa center on time. First, we are talking about seasonality and weather conditions: you can do external work at certain times of the year but not at other times. Similarly, internal work they are also carried out at a particular time. For example, you can carry out wall cladding only during the warm season. Therefore, it is vital to understand the timing of the entire design of the spa center and its construction. Hence, you will be able to choose the optimal time of the year to start moving in this direction.

Materials and Logistics

Materials and logistics are the main cost items in building spa centers. As a rule, work is a secondary factor forming the budget. Materials and logistics are primary. Before ordering a spa center project, it is essential to determine how much you will spend on construction and logistics since logistics can take up to 10% of the total amount, according to the contract.

Where to order the construction of a spa center

There are a large number of contractors providing a full range of services. As we wrote above, first of all, we recommend taking into account the contractor’s experience in the construction and operation of spa facilities. If you need a reliable and experienced contractor, contact Spa Planet, and we will help you to implement a project of any complexity at the highest level.


Construction of turnkey spa centers from project to launchWhen embarking on the construction of a spa, it is crucial to understand the guarantees for all types of construction work and equipment. In the process of complex operations, customers always have questions. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that you can rely on the manufacturer and be sure that he guarantees the quality operation of the equipment.

Our experience in the construction of spa centers

The turnkey construction of spa centers is something that we at Spa Planet understand impeccably. Our experience in building spa centers has been around for 30 years. During this time we:

  • implemented more than 20 projects of spa centers for both commercial and individual purposes;
  • implemented and maintained more than 5000 objects;
  • helped to realize the conceived spa projects of more than 9,000 clients.

We know everything about the construction of spa centers – from design to the launch of a full-fledged spa business and are ready to help you with any questions.

Cost of work

The cost of work is individual for each object. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Spa Planet specialists to find out the cost of building a spa center of any level of complexity and get a comprehensive consultation on all issues. To order the design and construction of a project or get advice, leave a request in the form on our website, and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Denis Alexandrovich
Denis Alexandrovich

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