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The Atractivo Spa Pool is designed for complete relaxation for 2 guests in a supine position and 3 guests in a sitting position. 73 jacuzzi nozzles are located in a unique combination in each place. Their work is aimed at quality massage of various parts of the body: neck, arms, shoulders, lower back, legs and feet (depending on the place chosen by the holidaymaker).

The central place in the jacuzzi is designed for the most effective hydromassage, because the action of the nozzles on it will be directed to the whole body. Playful fountains and led lighting will add a special atmosphere to the holiday.

Jacuzzi is equipped with the functions of auto set, auto drain, 2 powerful pumps, which facilitates the process of operation and maintenance. SPA cup – insulated. EnergySave technology allows you to maintain water temperature for a long time, thereby reducing energy consumption. All models of jacuzzis from the Enigma collection present a new type of water purification using the system – EnigmaFilter. Jacuzzi is equipped with space, LED lighting and powerful filtering.

The spa pool can be controlled remotely with the BALBOA WI-FI computer.

  • Dimensions :2.35 x 2.35 x 0.9
  • Seats:5
  • Number of jets:73 pcs
  • WI-FI control :+
  • Illumination of glasses :+
  • Ozonation :+
  • Filtration:+

Spa Planet

H20 Genesis is a Spanish manufacturer of whirlpool equipment designed with the best technology available today. Thanks to its comprehensive experience in production and sales, the company guarantees the impeccable quality of its spa products.

In the H20 Genesis catalog, you will find a wide range of unique jacuzzis to suit all tastes and budgets.

In addition, every H20 Genesis spa whirlpool is equipped with a heavy-duty drip tray and steel frame to ensure longevity. You can be sure of the quality of spa products by testing them before purchasing.

In the Spa Planet catalog, you will find a wide range of H20 Genesis jacuzzis, and our consultants will help you choose the perfect option.


Spa Planet

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