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Set flame effect VP15 FL – F310 Cariitti for bath and sauna


Set flame effect VP15 FL – F310 Cariitti for bath and sauna

  • Purpose of lighting:creating a flame effect
  • They are kept at t°С: up to 230°C
  • Color change:включено
  • Number of fibers, pcs:10
  • Projector: included in the kit
  • Installation of lighting:за електрокам'янкою

A unique design solution from the Cariitti company in the form of the “Flame Effect” Kit will not only decorate your steam room, but also make your visit simply unforgettable. The lighting set is installed behind the electric stone and projects on the wall, shimmering with different shades of red Sparks and reflections of fire

The lighting kit includes:

VP15 FL projector, F310 fiber harness (ø 2 mm fiberglass, 10 x 3 m), CR09 lenses, 10 pcs., FL45-500 mounting rail.

The advantages of the VP15 FL F-310 Cariitti flame effect kit with illumination are:

The VP15 FL projector has a high degree of protection against moisture and dust IP44. This

degree of protection provides for the possibility of installing the projector in the steam room under the benches.

The light source in the projector is 75W halogen lamps.

Fibers withstand very high temperatures, up to +230 C.

The set will definitely become a decoration of your bath / sauna, because such lighting gives the effect of a living flame. This effect looks very beautiful and effective. Such steam will definitely be unforgettable.


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