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The Redondo outdoor jacuzzi will turn your space into a mini spa resort. The spa bowl is designed for 4 families or guests. The round shape will facilitate good eye contact of vacationers, which will create an atmosphere of intimacy. The diameter of the bowl will allow you to communicate freely, but not feel physical discomfort.

Redondo injectors are aimed at hydromassage of the back, shoulders and feet, have different sizes and strengths. Each visitor to the spa pool can choose a place, depending on the desired intensity of hydromassage.

The built-in Balboa computer is designed to regulate the intensity of hydromassage, lighting, heating and water filtration. The arranged water purification system destroys up to 99% of all known microbes thanks to water ozonation and UV-filtration.

The hot tub spa pool is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, in the pavilion, under the canopy. Ideal for home, hotel room, water recreation complex. Jacuzzi can be mounted on the floor, on the podium or installed in its housing. For convenience, the model is completed with a lid, ladder, aromatherapy function.

A little party or family vacation – with the Jacuzzi Redonto this time will be unique!


  • Dimensions :1.8 x 1.8 x 0.8
  • Seats:4
  • Number of jets:28 pcs
  • ozonation:+
  • filtration:+

Spa Planet

H20 Genesis is a Spanish manufacturer of whirlpool equipment designed with the best technology available today. Thanks to its comprehensive experience in production and sales, the company guarantees the impeccable quality of its spa products.

In the H20 Genesis catalog, you will find a wide range of unique jacuzzis to suit all tastes and budgets.


 In addition, every H20 Genesis spa whirlpool is equipped with a heavy-duty drip tray and steel frame to ensure longevity. You can be sure of the quality of spa products by testing them before purchasing.

In the Spa Planet catalog, you will find a wide range of H20 Genesis jacuzzis, and our consultants will help you choose the perfect option.


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