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Electric stone for sauna and bath Tulikivi Riite 10.5 kW


Electric stone for sauna and bath Tulikivi Riite 10.5 kW

  • Steam room volume (cubic meters):5-15
  • Weight of stones (kg):60
  • Resource of use (years):10
  • Dimensions H/W/L (mm):950/400/400
  • Weight (kg):78
  • Warranty (years):1

Tulikivi Riite electric stone is a modern electric stove for bath and sauna. It has a unique design that will complement any pair. The cover of the stone is made of a composite material with the color of pastel white marble or saturated graphite. The electric boiler for the steam room pleasantly surprises not only with its design, but also with its performance. This model is produced in three different capacities: 6.8 kW; 9 kW; 10.5 kW. Suitable for steam rooms with a volume of 5 to 15 cubic meters. To determine which capacity is suitable for your steam room, you need to start from the size of the room

The electric stove for a steam room from Tulikivi has a significant number of advantages, which makes the electric stones of this manufacturer in demand.

The main advantages include:

High degree of reliability and quality of heating elements, they ensure a long service life (more than 10 years);

A compact and roomy case that holds 60 kg of stones;

Minimum safe distance to the tree;

Safety of use – if you touch the case, you will not get a burn;

The presence of a control panel for fine-tuning the microclimate of the steam room (the remote control is purchased separately);

The presence of a stone temperature sensor – with the help of the remote control, you can adjust not only the temperature of the steam room, but also the stones themselves.

It is possible to buy an electric stone of a certain capacity, corresponding to the size of the sauna or bath.

You can learn about other advantages right now by placing an order for an electric stove in a steam room.


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