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Deporte Vida


Deporte Vida

Deporte Vida is a royal pool for professional training and comfortable rest for 3-4 people.

The spa pool has the largest area of ​​the presented models: 6.9 x 2.28 x 1.61 m. Sport Torrent pumps with a power of up to 5.6 kW produce the strongest backflow of water from a nozzle with a diameter of 98 cm.

Powerful functionality allows you to fully train all types of muscles in a limited space without unnecessary stress on the joints.

Thanks to the ability to adjust the power of the current, the intensity of the workout can be selected individually.

Spa zone jets are aimed at hydromassage of the spinal region, shoulder blades, lower back and lower legs. Here you can warm up your muscles before or relax after loading. It is pleasant for athletes to wait for their turn to train, and for a support group to watch the work of an athlete.

The functions of ozonation and UV filtration are responsible for the purity of water, which will destroy 99% of all known microbes.

The pool can be supplemented with additional functionality.

A treadmill and a 9.7-inch personal computer will allow you to adjust the strength and intensity of training, select the load individually. The AquaCoach system will help track the situation under water and broadcast it on the screen in front of the athlete. Thus, it is possible to correct mistakes during training, correct them and hone the technique of performing exercises.

With NonFrio winter insulation, training is possible at any time of the year and temperature conditions. Led lighting and a wide color palette of the body will turn the spa pool into a highlight of the interior.

  • Dimensions :6.9 х 2.28 х 1.61
  • Seats:4
  • Number of jets:24
  • Ozonation:+
  • Filtration:+
  • Chromotherapy:+
  • Іce bowl:+
  • Swimming pool:+

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