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Deporte Carrera


Deporte Carrera

Pools of the Deporte series are an indispensable option for athletes and professional swimmers. After all, you can conduct a full-fledged workout for all muscle groups in a limited space and relax after a workout in the jacuzzi.

3 in one: pool, spa and training ground!

The Deporte Carrera model is equipped with special axial pumps – “Sport Torrent”, the power of which ranges from 2.8 kW to 5.6 kW. They release a stream of water that the swimmer must cope with. The counter current is supplied from the connector from 48 cm to 98 cm. The speed and intensity of the counter current is adjustable.

9 levels of intensity!

Speed ​​5-6 is suitable for the elderly or people with a low level of physical fitness.

6-7 can be used for entertainment purposes, for children and teenagers.

8-9 – only for professional swimmers and winners!

The pool can be used for different purposes and by people of different ages, both for sports, entertainment, and for the purpose of rehabilitation or recovery.

3 people can spend time in it at the same time. One is to train on a treadmill or swim. Two more – to warm up before or relax after training with hydromassage. In the spa area, it will be nice to welcome the members of the support group, who will watch the athlete’s training.

Thanks to the possibility of installing the AquaCoach underwater video surveillance system, the entire situation under water during running can be seen on the screen in front of the athlete. The system is designed to correct and correct errors during training.

And the last, most incredible addition to Deporte pools is a treadmill with a 9.7-inch personal computer for speed control.

The built-in anti-overflow system will keep the space around the pool in good condition.

  • Dimensions : 4.9 х 2.28 х 1.4
  • Seats:3
  • Number of jets:14
  • Ozonation:+
  • Filtration:+
  • Chromotherapy:+
  • Ice basket:+
  • Basin:+

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