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AquaGym “Single”


AquaGym “Single”

With the AquaGym “Single” spa pool, sports will become original, interesting and safe.

Running is one of the most useful sports. After all, during it, almost all the muscles of the body, cardiovascular and respiratory systems are involved. However, running has its drawbacks. This is a strong load on the joints of the legs.

In the spa pools from the AquaGym collection, running becomes safe and even more useful, as the load on the joints is significantly minimized in the water. Training takes place with the same efficiency as on treadmills, only it feels much easier.

The spa pool is equipped with powerful functionality. In it, you can fight against the oncoming current, choose its speed and power.

A feature of the AquaGym “Single” model is the presence of an AquaSe massage hydromassage zone for 3 people where you can relax after training. The procedure will help to locally remove lactic acid and get rid of the feeling of fatigue. Also, AquaSe massage is great as a pre-workout muscle warm-up, works well for rehabilitation and recovery after injuries. In the hydromassage zone, it’s nice to wait for your turn to train or watch an athlete as a support group.

The Jacuzzi is equipped with a 9.7-inch personal spa computer.

The model can be equipped with an underwater video surveillance system – AquaCoach. Thanks to it, the entire situation underwater during running is broadcast on the screen in front of the athlete. In this way, you can monitor the correctness of the technique, correct and correct mistakes during training. WI-FI control allows you to manage processes in the pool remotely.

The jacuzzi is suitable for use in domestic and commercial establishments. An ideal option for modern gyms and sports complexes. Due to the possibility to equip the pool with a cover and a NonFrio winter insulation system, it can be installed not only indoors, but also outdoors.

Led lighting and the ability to choose the color of the body will make the jacuzzi a real decoration of your space.

  • Dimensions :3.4 х 2.28 х 1.5
  • Seats:1-4
  • Number of jets:10
  • Ozonation:+
  • Chromotherapy:+
  • Racetrack:+
  • Heart rate sensor:+

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H20 Genesis is a Spanish manufacturer of whirlpool equipment designed with the best technology available today. Thanks to its comprehensive experience in production and sales, the company guarantees the impeccable quality of its spa products.

In the H20 Genesis catalog, you will find a wide range of unique jacuzzis to suit all tastes and budgets.

In addition, every H20 Genesis spa whirlpool is equipped with a heavy-duty drip tray and steel frame to ensure longevity. You can be sure of the quality of spa products by testing them before purchasing.

In the Spa Planet catalog, you will find a wide range of H20 Genesis jacuzzis, and our consultants will help you choose the perfect option.


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