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EOS 34.G 21 кВт


EOS 34.G 21 кВт

High-performance sauna heater for intensive commercial sauna operation.

Heavy-duty floor-standing model for the Finnish (dry) sauna. Designed for very intensive, demanding commercial use in large sauna cabins. Very robust and durable construction, completely made of stainless steel. Reinforced 3-shell wall construction. Dust and water collecting tray at the bottom.

The EOS 34.G heater features special design rock store placed above the heating elements on the unique V-shape supports, which ensure perfectly stable air convection.

Rock store volume can be increased by 30 kg with an optional stack frame (mounting frame for coverprotection guard additionally available).

Floor-standing model in two sizes:

Size 1: 15 – 21 kW, 30 kg rock store volume

Size 2: 24 – 36 kW, 45 kg rock store volume

  • Electrical connection :400 V 3N ~ 50 Hz
  • Fuse protection (control unit) :950 х 750 х 530 мм
  • Dimensions H/W/D, in cm:95 / 75 / 53
  • Stone filling :30 kg
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