We present the Brave sauna in the commercial center Shkiper (Kiev).

The sauna is made in the old Slavic style with notes of minimalism.

Finishing materials

Walls and ceiling are lined with a living array of linden with soft bark. The backrests are handmade.

Benches are made of extra-grade lime, thickened to 3.5 cm. The width of the bench beam is 15 cm.

Trapik mobile on the floor.

The total mass of wood in the bathhouse is 5 m3.


Cariitti backlighting is implemented.

Author’s technology “Soaring ceiling”, makes the ceiling in the bathhouse more airy and accordingly soaring.


The stove is an electric HUUM stove with 55 kg of stones and a remote sensor control panel.

The space around the stove is lined with Indian slate, which adds a modern touch to this project.

To maximize relaxation, an automatic stone water dispensing station with built-in aromatherapy is installed.

Bastu ventilation is an efficient air exchange system where air movement is from top to bottom.

The door is made of heat-resistant glass in black color.

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