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Pouring bucket Liven’


Pouring bucket Liven’


„Liven'” has a number of consumer characteristics, advantageously distinguishing it from similar products, widely represented in the market today.

Regular pouring buckets have water volume of 10-12 liters, which is obviously insufficient for effective and simultaneous cooling of the body. As a result there is an imbalance between heated and cooled parts of the body. Liven’ pouring device has a water volume of 50 liters, which effectively allows you to cool your body after the most intensive steaming. A special diffuser forms a flow of pouring water so as to completely cover the human body and cool it down.

The water is poured out by three valves, controlled by a special balancing mechanism.

Pressing the control valve causes the water to pour out, once the valve is released, the water stops flowing and the tank begins to fill with water.

The tank is filled with water from the water line. When the tank is filled to the required level, the water supply is automatically stopped.

  • Bracket length : 130 мм
  • Bracket platform width :240 мм
  • Material :water tank stainless steel AISI 439 1 mm / AISI 304 1 mm
  • Overall dimensions :W/H 480 mm x 520 mm
  • Weight of the device without covering :13 kg
  • Weight of the device with the decorative fence19 kg :19 kg
  • Water tank capacity :50l.
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